About PYB

Protect your breasts began in September 2013 from a simple picture posted on Twitter of a new bra. Two women thought they could raise a little awareness regarding the importance of self examination for both men and women.

Since then we have had three events where we have asked men and women to change their twitter avatar to a picture of their chest for a day. Both of these events were huge successes and resulted in people having abnormalities checked out by their doctors around the world.

Both this blog and our twitter page are run by myself (Lisa Fulham) and a lady called Vicki who has experience in informing people of the early signs of various cancers.

Our aim to to raise awareness about the importance of self examination as early detection really does save lives.

Until I began Protect Your Breasts I didn’t know that men could also develop breast cancer. In fact, around 350 men per year are diagnosed within the UK alone and 1% of all cancer fatalities are the result of breast cancer in men.

This blog will be detailing the different symptoms of breast cancer primarily, but we will also talk about other cancers too.

All of the information we use is sourced by the following organisations

Cancer Research UK

Macmillan Cancer Support

NHS Cancer Signs and Symptoms

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact page.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported this message and together lets make C stand for Clear, not Cancer.

Love Lisa and Vicki

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