PYB Annual Event 2016


It’s that time of the year again and I’m not talking about the kids going back to school; it’s time to explain what Protect Your Breasts AKA PYB is all about and our plans for the last weekend of September.


Back in 2013 the purchase of a new bra became the start of PYB and if you’re unfamiliar with the full story you can read it here.


2016 marks our 4th annual event, 3rd year of existence and the first anniversary of the book Framed which helped us raise £1200 for Cancer Research.


Each year the support we are overwhelmed with grows and it’s heart-warming to see so many men and women changing their twitter avatars for the world to see.


If you’re new to PYB let me explain what we do. The last weekend of every month we post reminders for men and women to perform their self examinations and implore them to report any changes to their doctors. The last Weekend in September we have a huge PYB push and ask people to change their twitter profile picture to one of their chest. The reason behind this is to have a visual that will hopefully make people stop, wonder what all the pictures are about and then come over to PYB and join in the movement.


One of the most important things for the PYB team is that no one feels uncomfortable with the pictures they post and with this in mind we have a few ideas for pictures you could use as inspiration.


Something chest inspired


The t-shirt/vest picture


The bra pic


The hand bra pic


Regular self examination is important because the earlier breast cancer is found, the higher the survival rate and that is the driving force behind Protect Your Breasts.


In short, the way we would like you to show your support for our cause and annual event is as follows

  • Change your avatar on the 24/25 September to a pic along the lines shown in this blog. If you would like to add the text #PYB2016 to your picture there are many free apps which allow you to add text to your images or you can tweet @pyb_cancer and we can help.
  • Post the picture as a tweet and tag @pyb_cancer as well as adding #pyb2016 this will help us find everyone who has joined in. We also have a Pinterest account where we like to put as many pics as possible of those taking part in our annual event. We never add names to any of the pictures, but seeing them all together after the event is over looks amazing.
  • Tell your friends about us and about our monthly reminders


We hope to see you on our twitter feed where you’ll come across some amazing men and women helping us make C stand for Clear, not Cancer.

PYB 01



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