‘Framed’ The Fundraising triumph…


28 authors

…and that’s what it feels like; a triumph.


I’m not really sure where to start from when talking about Framed, but I guess the beginning is as good a place as any.

The concept of the book came towards the end of August, about five weeks before our annual event. At the time my aim was to get twenty-six authors (we actually managed twenty-eight) and to get them to write a thousand word story to the same image. As a writer myself let me just say this, get a group of writers together and it gets crazier than a box of fireworks going off all at once 🙂 There was the image to agree on, the way the book would be distributed and this was before collecting the 28 stories, proof reading by myself and the wonderful H A Robinson and creating the book. Art work was needed and L J Stock stepped up to the plate and produced all kinds of things for us to use and we had just six weeks to do all this in and get the book to Ava Manello for formatting.

If I had magical powers I’d have released the book during the PYB annual event, but four weeks was simply not possible. We did keep it a secret though until the event and the response was brilliant once we shared what we were up to.

Raising money for Cancer Research with a book as unique as this was frigging brilliant on an astronomical level! In just five weeks we raised £1,232.00 I never even dared to dream we would make even £123.20. The PYB Wordy Warriors were great to lend their words to this project and to help raise money for an amazing cause.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to receive their copy of Framed and a HUGE thank you to V for giving up four nights a week to send out the emails and letting me get away with only doing 3 nights a week.







It’s been a long slog to get to this point in the PYB journey, and I can’t express enough that my part in the #PYB Wordy Warriors was very small. It’s all down to Lisa, but I helped where I could.

I have no idea about writing, editing, putting a book together and launching it. So I just set up the Just Giving Page and sent out copies of the e-book four evenings a week for the duration of its release.

Lisa organised, negotiated, collated, proof read and did a lot of trouble shooting, while I could only listen, support and watch everything unfold.

Release day was fantastic; the response from all of the #PYB supporters was amazing. So many donations and excitement around the project, and I have to admit, I felt quite relieved that ‘Framed’ was finally out there!

Then the e-mails started flying out. I was poised and ready at 9pm Tuesday to Friday, hitting the send button, and it felt good. Really good.

Yes, OK there were flat spots… some nights I didn’t send any copies of ‘Framed’ out, but I was still there. It felt great to be a part of something so much bigger, knowing that people were donating and enjoying the work of all of the amazing authors who contributed to ‘Framed’. As someone on the outer edges of this particular project, it felt rather epic. So I can only imagine what it felt like for Lisa and her army of authors.

It’s been lovely to be able to reflect on this amazing achievement; I really didn’t know what to expect, I don’t think any of us did.

To raise over £1000 is a monumental achievement!

Thank you to everyone who donated, you are all stars and I hope you’re enjoying reading ‘Framed’.

It’s been a few weeks since our Just Giving page closed and the book is no longer available. I feel a little lost that I’m no longer e-mailing out to our amazing supporters.

It’s time to think about family and friends as we move into the festive season, but we will be sending you all reminders during the last weekend of every month to check your breasts and chests! So don’t worry about forgetting, we’ve got you all covered!

Together let’s make C stand for Clear, not Cancer.


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