The Story of Framed

28 authorsIt’s a little hard not to notice all the #PYB Wordy Warrior avatars on Facebook and Twitter and even harder not to notice all the updates with the cover of Framed.

We’ve posted about the book, the authors and the Just Giving page, but we haven’t really told you the story of Framed.

I’m part of a writing group, a place where writers post pictures to inspire others to write. The phrase a picture paints a thousand words is something I’ve come to truly believe so I put forward to the group we should all try to write a thousand words to the same picture. It was just a simple idea to try to help writers who may be struggling with writers block or need a break from their current project to play with.

Between worlds - fantasy tale


L J Stock runs the writing group and she came to me and said why didn’t I do this on a bigger scale to help #PYB. I jumped at the idea like a crazed sales addict on the first day of the January sales and began approaching writers within 5 minutes and had recruited 26 writers within 24 hours.

I wanted it to coincide with the #PYB annual event, but that was only four weeks away and no matter how much I wanted to release it then, I knew there was no way it could happen. We kept the project secret until the weekend of the annual event where we released the cover, the picture which inspired the stories and each of the twenty eight authors (two more wanted to join in) who had contributed to the book.

In just four weeks I’d managed to lead the project to the point where the following was possible thanks to the help of everyone involved:

  • The picture was chosen
  • The Just Giving page was set up
  • A registration form was produced for people to register their donation to receive the book
  • The book cover, teaser, banner and author badges were created
  • A sign-up sheet for bloggers to help promote the book was created and shared . . . a lot
  • All 28 stories were sent in to be collated into one book
  • Blog posts were written and sent out

The weekend 25-27th September was all about the annual event, informing every one of this great project and how they would be able to support and help raise money for Cancer Research in the name of Protect Your Breasts.

As soon as the weekend was over we had two weeks to edit and format the book, we must have had some great powers that be looking over us because we managed to have a book ready to be distributed; from the moment of the concept being born to release date was just six weeks.

I’m sure you can imagine, it was a crazy time and the craziness didn’t stop there because now came the time to really push the promotion of what we were doing and try to get as many donations as possible.

Framed is only available for a month which means there is no time to rest, no time to slow down our efforts; every day we are posting the donation link to try to raise as much as we can.

In just a little over a week we have managed to raise £870 including Gift Aid. That’s just too amazing to put into words, but we can do more.


As I’ve said above, the last 7 weeks have been really full on with this project and it wasn’t until I was having coffee with some friends and we were talking about Framed that I managed to sit back and look at it from a distance. I’ve been consumed by this, but hadn’t looked at the bigger picture. Pulling something like this together in such a small time frame is pretty mind-bogglingly amazeballs.

Two years ago I started #PYB at the suggestion of a friend and now with the #PYB Wordy Warriors, my partner in all this V and a whole team of supporters we really are making a difference.

If you haven’t donated for your thank you copy of Framed you only have until the 8th of November, then it’s gone forever. You can donate here and please remember to fill in the registration form (link is also on the Just Giving page) so we know where to send your copy.

If you’ve followed us on Twitter, liked us on Facebook, read our Blog and shared our work then thank you because you never know who needed a reminder to check their breasts and found something in time to beat it.



#PYB Campaigner and #PYB Wordy Warrior


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