#PYB 2015 annual event round up


The 2015 Protect Your Breasts event was our most successful and manic to-date and in a way is still ongoing through October.

This year our supporters began shouting about the event, announcing the date and changing their twitter avatar’s from the 1st of September. The build up kept gathering momentum with more and more people coming on board every day.

Unfortunately the week before the official #PYB day we had some unfavourable comments about the whole campaign. We won’t dwell on it now, but at the time we did worry it would affect the campaign and stop people from supporting us, but there was no stopping our supporters who believe in our message and our campaign.

How can we be so sure it was our most successful year? Well we don’t have the previous two years figures because this campaign has grown and become more structured throughout this whole year, but we do have our September 2015 social media figures.


We had 465.2K impressions throughout September. This means our tweets were seen on screens over 465K times; that’s one hell of a reach!

This gained us 1.2K Link clicks to our blog, Facebook and Pinterest combined. We had 3.4K Re-tweets; knowing people wanted to share our message that much is astounding and finally we had 4.36K favourites.

How amazing are those figures just from one platform!


#PYB have a blog where we share people’s experiences with Cancer, explain why we are doing what we do and what our aim is; we also explain where we get our information from so people can trust what we say.

Throughout September we had 1,041 views!

The blog was started in February and if you add all our views from February until the end of August you wouldn’t even get half the September figure.


This is a hard platform to crack, most businesses struggle to get likes on their page and to turn those likes into real customers. Obviously we aren’t trying to get people to buy anything, we want to give them tools to keep themselves safe and healthy, but we still face the same struggle of building a following just as others do.

During the 2015 #PYB event however, we managed to tip 500 likes which is a big achievement in our books and helps to spread our message to those who aren’t on twitter.

We even created our own Pinterest account this year too where we proudly display the pictures our supporters shared with us throughout the three campaigns we have hosted since 2013.

So that was our 2015 event in figures, but our work hasn’t stop there . . . oh no! This year we had a very special and secret project happening on the run up to the event. 28 authors came together to create a book, an anthology of stories all one thousand words in length inspired by one picture.

28 authors

You can’t buy this book though, the only way you can get a copy of this book is through making a donation through the #PYB Just Giving Page and you will receive Framed by the #PYB Wordy Warriors as a thank you gift, just remember to fill in the registration form and you will find the link to that on the Just Giving page.

There is no minimum donation required, but we do urge you to dig deep, all donations of all sizes will help fight this vile disease.

Together let’s make C stand for Clear, not Cancer


Lisa and V



4 thoughts on “#PYB 2015 annual event round up

  1. Congratulations!!! It has been an incredible success. I was proud to take part again this year, and will be there for you for every year after…no matter the comments.

    Well done to everyone!!!!


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