My Story By Tracy Service

Something me and V have wanted to do for a long time is to post some real life experiences on this blog, but it’s something we haven’t had the time to pursue until now.

Below is Tracy’s account of her own scare with cancer and she was kind enough to share this with us.

April of this year will be one I won’t forget. I had recently started on HRT for menopausal symptoms. One night Neil (Hubs) was gently fondling my breast when he suddenly stopped and said “you have a lump in your boob.” I froze and fumbled to find it myself and sure enough it was there as plain as the nose on your face. It was hard and felt huge. Needless to say next morning I was on the phone to my GP. I got an appointment for later that day and went along. He confirmed there was something there but it was probably nothing more than a fatty cyst. I suppose they have to say this as unless they have X-ray eyes they cannot give you a definitive answer. He said he would refer me to the surgeons for tests and if I hadn’t heard anything within 3 weeks to call him.

You can imagine my mind, turmoil was an understatement. I was approaching 50, had a holiday planned and was looking at changing my job. My world stopped. I loved books, but could no longer concentrate to read and take in new ones. Instead I re-read old ones so I didn’t have to concentrate too hard because I knew the story. I only told a few friends and my close family. One week later I had my appointment for two weeks later; it was for a mammogram at 10am and the surgeon at 2pm the same day.

The dreaded the moment that morning would arrive and I can tell you it was the longest two weeks of my life. In my head I had made contingency plans for it being a positive result such as changing holiday dates etc to fit in with treatment, money checks in case of time off work, you can imagine.

The Mammogram went ok. Let me tell you ladies it is nothing to be afraid of, it’s the thought of it. Yes it’s uncomfortable and odd but not the way we think, don’t let anyone sway you from taking one. Remember you don’t get any results from the technician, she is not allowed to say anything.

My appointment with the Surgeon was surreal. Sitting in the waiting room looking at all the other ladies with their friends, partners, husbands etc made me feel almost guilty for wanting mine to be ok as knowing that someone’s life in the vicinity was about to change for the worst. My turn, the surgeon was lovely, she confirmed there was definitely a cyst in my left breast and one in my right (I didn’t know about that one). I was sent for an ultrasound as part of my clinic visit, a fact I had been made aware may happen on my letter. Ladies please don’t think because you are sent there that there is something wrong, it isn’t unusual for this to happen. So along with my notes we plodded to X-ray where I was greeted by a lovely Dr doing the scan. It’s a bit un-comfy because they have to press a little. Yup there was my cysts one at 2.5cm and another at 1cm. She asked if I wanted to have them drained there and then using a little needle. I was apprehensive but said yes. I need not have worried; it was less painful than a blood test and was seconds long. They drained fluid from both and said all else was well. I went back through to the surgeon who confirmed they were cysts. I went home a happy bunny.

Now here’s the important part. I was told to check my breast regularly, at least monthly. Also that if I found anything and I mean anything, I was not to be afraid to go back and ask for another appointment. If you are ever in this situation just know you will not be inconveniencing them at all and the one time you don’t check something out….well you can imagine.

So now my hubby checks my boobs and has fun doing so. I came off HRT and am going to start checking his, and other parts, well he can’t have all the fun lol.

I really hope this will help others who experience this, remember you are not alone and most of all check ‘em, Protect Your Breasts xxx

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Tracy for sharing this, her story had a happy ending which we and her family are grateful for.

If you would like to speak to Tracy about her experience then you can find her here

Not every story ends on such a good note, but by checking your breasts every month you can increase the possibility of early detection and therefore increase your survival rate if Cancer is found early enough.

PYB run monthly reminders  for people to check their breasts throughout the year and you can keep up to date with this on our social media accounts



Together let’s make C stand for Clear, not Cancer



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