#PYB 2015

PYB 01

On the 27th of September #PYB (Protect Your Breasts) will host our 3rd annual event.

What does that entail?

We ask people to change their avatar of their chest for the day on Twitter. This can be in a T-shirt, bra, hand bra or any way you feel comfortable with

               hT9_7BSh  frmi8V8H

Why the pictures? Because it’s a visual thing which makes people stop and take notice. Once you have people’s attention you can impart information and knowledge on them. We have been asked recently why not post a picture of a ribbon instead and the honest answer is because ribbons unfortunately don’t grab people’s attention anymore. The pictures of chests popping up (most of which proudly sporting #PYB) really do make people take notice and the previous two annual events has had our message spread further and further.

Protect Your Breasts is all about raising awareness for the importance of self examination for signs of breast cancer. This disease affects both men and women; yet most men have no idea they are at risk and not nearly enough men or women know how to check their breasts correctly.


We post monthly reminders on Facebook and Twitter for people to perform their checks. We post instructions of how to perform a self examination along with pictures and videos. We get people talking about a disease most never think will affect them. But once a year—the last Sunday of September—we host this event to get more people to hear our message.

Early detection really does save lives.

In the two years this campaign has been running we have had people seek medical attention due to abnormalities they have found through self examination.

Ten minutes once a month, can you spare that to save your own life?

You can join in the annual campaign and support #PYB on Twitter

You can also find us on Facebook  and also Pinterest 

On a side note – This year for the first time we have experienced some negativity towards our campaign. We just want to say if any of you experience anything untoward regarding your support for sharing our message please come and speak to us and we will address the issue. We want this to be a positive campaign and to also try to have a little fun. Cancer is a vile disease and anything we can do to fight it can only be a good thing.

Together let’s make C stand for Clear, not Cancer.



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