A Bald Statement

Hi, Lisa here.

This week I happened upon this blog post about a blogger who had shaved her head to show bald can be beautiful.


She talks about cancer patients going through enough pain and heartbreak dealing with diagnosis and treatment without having to worry how society will see them if and when they lose their hair.

Bald can be beautiful. It is often seen as a sign of sickness, but those who are bald due to cancer treatment should have their hairless crown seen as the sign of a warrior because they are fighting everyday to beat this horrific disease.

As always, we at Protect Your Breasts #PYB want to thank you for your continued support and for helping us raise awareness for the importance of self examination.

Next weekend 29-31 of May is your monthly reminder for all men and women to take ten minutes to check your tattybojangles. Big, small, round, flat, perky or droopy Cancer does not discriminate and ten minutes could save your life.

Together Lets Make C Stand For Clear, Not Cancer


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