living life with piZZaZZ

WARNING! If you’re a bloke, or in any way squeamish or don’t like talking about boobs and blood and stuff, look away now!

So, breast cancer surgery brings with it the risk of developing lymphoedema. Yeah, I know.  Lympha-WHAT? exactly what I asked….

I have big boobs.  Really. Big. Boobs!  I think something went slightly awry in the genetic petrie dish as it would seem I got my sister’s AND my own share of flesh to adorn my chest!  I spent my teenage years and early 20s hating the size of them, and trying to hide them under voluminous baggy clothes. Somewhere in my 30s I came to terms with them, developed some body confidence and started wearing more figure-hugging clothes.  My diagnosis of breast cancer came well into my 40s.  Even for someone like me with an ambiguous relationship with my breasts, it’s pretty devastating to hear those dreaded words:…

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